What You Should Know About BBQ Catering Service

BBQ is something that is loved by almost everyone which is why it can be seen served in almost every occasion all over the world. If you are someone who wants to start catering business we would highly recommend you to start off with bbq catering in Sydney. For starting with this business, you require a business plan, money, marketing, licenses and all other equipment required for making the food.  

The best thing about bbq is that it is suited in all types of occasions and is not only limited to reunions or family picnic. They are a great way to celebrate occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, holiday or any other recognized event.  

Equipment Required for BBQ 

BBQ is something that can only be done if you have the required equipment. Special equipment for BBQ catering starts with having the right type of grill. These grills come in a variety of options and types and may start from a few dollars to thousand depending on the type of quality it offers. It totally depends on your cooking styles and needs that you invest in the type of cooking grill. Various other bbq equipment that should be in your purchasing list are the following: 

  1. Basting brushes 
  2. Refrigeration units 
  3. Coolers 
  4. Cook mitts – required for protection from heat 
  5. Hats and aprons 
  6. Grill cleaning products 
  7. Sauce pans 
  8. Bbq baskets for burgers, hotdogs and vegetables 

The food options should be used that offers you fun in cooking. There are a various options of cooking books and recipes where you can find new and different kind of ways to cook bbq items.  

BBQ styles 

BBQ style can vary from region to region which is why we can see different types of bbq styles. We have gathered down of the bbq styles that are commonly used in the world. 

  1. Carolina BBQ 
    The most preferred form of meat that works well in BBQ is pork. Sauces that are incorporated in this are peppery vinegar flavor. The must ingredient in North Carolina for food is mustard which is also used in bbq items as well. 
  2. Kansas city 
    Before cooking, the meat that is used for bbq is dry rubbed with spices and smoked. Sauce that is served with this kind of bbq is sweet and thick.  
  3. Memphis bbq 
    Memphis bbq consists of ribs and pork that are often cooked on charcoal based with tomato sauce. 
  4. Texas bbq 
    It is with Texas bbq that it varies from region to region. However, within the state ribs, beef, pork and sausages are quiet famous. The sauce that is served here is generally sweet and thick.  BBQ-Catering-2