4 Factors To Consider When Buying Lashes And Related Accessories

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Being born with eyelashes of poor volume isn’t a problem anymore. In fact, with the right cosmetic modifications, you have the perfect opportunity to have better lashes than the one you know with the best naturals. Because in the end of the day, no one will come close to your eyes and check if they’re real or not; all you need to do is make them look authentic. In doing so, you need to have the right equipment. Moreover, you should know how to choose the most suitable lashes for you.

Here are 4 factors to consider when buying lashes and related accessories.

  • The color compatibility of lashes

There is a fine line between making it look real and absolute artificial looks. This is why you need to consult a beautician more or less the natural color of your hair isn’t black. Because if it’s blonde, you should know the correct nature of your color before your apply false lashes. If you wanted to spice it up a little bit by applying colored lashes, you should be even careful. At a situation like this, you should pay attention to both the color compatibility and the placement as well.

  • Whether you need individual or strips of lashes

There are three main types of lashes; the first is the full trip, the second is the half strips and the third is the individual lashes. The full and the half stripes fall under the same category since the application procedure differ from each other very less. But it is different with individual lashes. Understanding the “d” denotation here is also important. 3d means 3 individual hairs, 4d means 4 hairs and it goes on. However, the 5d pre made volume fans are the most popular since they can be used to boost volumes at certain locations in the optimal way. The 2d and 3d ones are only used to cover up what 5d ones can’t cover. Visit this link https://www.rebelgold.com.au/collections/pre-made-volume-fans for more info on 5d pre made volume fans.

  • The use of right glues and mixing apparatus

As it was mentioned earlier, the color compatibility is an important factor in the list. This is why you need to be careful when choosing the glue. There are two types such as black and transparent. While using black for typical situations is ideal, switching to transparent is advisable if you are to use colored ones. Investing in something like a mini vortex mixer is quite good given how you will be applying lashes for a long time.

  • Your allergy

We all know what it is. If you have been allergic to a certain product once in your life you shouldn’t ever use a similar or even dissimilar product with identical ingredients. AS a solution, you can inquire it from your lash accessories provider to suggest you an option, it’s that easy.

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